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I have the Travel Bug…

I love to travel.

Every bit of it.

The planning,

searching for the best price,

packing our bags,

getting my home ready for me to leave it,

the list to cross off,

flying on the plane,

eating airplane/airport food,

Staying at hotel with room service,

taking pictures and seeing new things

leaving all my responsibilities out the door

not having to plan meals,

enjoying my family,

All the routine of life getting thrown out the window and living out of a suitcase for a few weeks with only a few choices to make.

I’ve loved it for as long as I can remember.

When I was a kid my mom would come sit with me and list off all the exciting things that would be coming up. Everyday we would have something new to dream about. It was so fun to think of a change in environment. It created this excitement deep down in my belly of an adventure coming right around the corner.

I remember sleepy nights where my parents would pack all of us kids up in the back of a station wagon and the next morning we would be  in another state. I loved it. It created so many good memories. Even though we were not well off and my dad worked really hard to let us have a great life, they did a great job making our childhood full of adventure and they always tried to take us on a family trip every year even if it was to visit family, there was always something to look forward to.

As we are getting older and the kids are growing I find my love and dream of travel arising in my soul and it is in my plain view of a real possibility. So many years it was easy to make excuses why we couldn’t go but now it’s time! Right now its only about once or twice a year but I have made a decision where I will be able to go as often as once a month.

I made a life changing decision to see the world and I will never go back.

To see the world is to see with a new vision.  To learn, to Inspire, to help others see there is more to this life!

I am thrilled to see all that is in store for me in the next few days, months, years to come.

It’s adventures.

It’s memories.

It’s fun.

And It’s appreciation for everything that I have.

#choosethismoment #choosetoday

~Be the Light for all to See~




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