There is still beauty it just can take a bit longer to see it sometimes


There is still beauty in this world even if some days we have to look harder than others.  Most days I am having to remind myself of this. It can be tough to stay motivated and keep going when it all seems so worthless.  When all I see is that we live in a mad, mad world.

Some days  I ask What’s the point?

Does anyone really care?

Why is every one hurting?

How do I lift someone up when all they see is the negative?

I want to encourage but I am not sure I have the right words. I want to help but I don’t know how.

It can seem so discouraging.

I want to smile and be cheerful because I know that there is good out there. I want to be positive because I know that is a better way to live. I know its not all perfect out there. But I know it can be a beautiful broken perfect. We just have to keep finding it.

Its hard work. Its not easy.

I want to quit most of the time.

These are the days when it doesn’t feel that anything is worth it and I have to search the hardest. I seek the little moments that shine out and show me Gods greatness, its there hiding as small little pieces of glitter peeking out from the darkness.

Today was a reminder as I was pondering life and thinking about loved ones and how things can seem so crumbly and painful.

We had these huge dark thunder clouds roll in from the mountains followed by  a  down pour of hard rain and sleet and then a little while later it all cleared and the sun shone behind the mountains and the steam rolled off the top of our pond and it was pure, peace and the amazing beauty of nature. I thought to myself,  there you are, I see you God. You are still there, you show us in all your quiet special ways. Thank you for that. Thank you for being there and helping me to choose the moments. I choose today and I choose this moment each and every day.

#choosetoday  #choosethismoment

~Be the Light for all to See~



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