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When its time to purge the negative


Not everyday works the way you want it. There are times when an overwhelming presence of darkness tries to creep in and take you over and burn the light out that you have worked so hard to shine bright. It has you looking over the edge wondering if you can keep a strong hold.

The one thing I have promised myself is I will not let that happen again. There are days when it seems its raining and then it starts to pour, one thing after another start to fill you up with negativity and nothing seems good. When this happens all I see is the negative side of life. I start to listen to it and fill myself up with self doubt.

I have had a few of those days lately. I try really hard to be positive but my old self wants to find every good reason to just let the dark rain cloud pour over me. I can’t find any good out of the why.

But my new self comes in and is taking hold because I have worked so hard to train my brain to focus on the power of positive and see the light and so I ask why is this happening? What can learn from this situation? Is there a good part to this bad situation? It helps to ask questions to change your focus. It does take work and takes being independent and not following what everyone else does. Many of us just go with the flow and accept it but we don’t have to. We have the power to change it.  It makes us stronger.

Some things I decide when I am trying to purge the negativity:


-Throw out old clothes or do a clean out of clutter in my house that I don’t want

-Read a Bible verse

-Look at old pictures that remind you of happiness

-Read a good book

-Listen to a positive, uplifting song or podcast

-Rid my social media of negativity by unfollowing or unliking.

-Cleaning out my email box of unwanted junk that fills it up

There are many more but these are few off the top of my head that work for me.

We all have the power to change our thinking and our situation. Find what good can come out of that overwhelming situation. Purge the negativity. It can be tough but each time you do it, the better life gets. We can’t change other people but we can change ourselves and it all starts with us!

#choosetoday #choosethismoment

~Be the Light~



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