It’s all for the greater good


We all take certain paths.

These paths may seem right at the time we are doing them but they could also be very wrong. But see even if we choose wrong it still can turn out so right. We create beautiful moments along these wrong paths.

It’s all perspective. It’s all what we learned along that difficult choice we made.

Sometimes  after traveling along the difficult way, we are given a chance to make it right and it veers off to something even more magnificent then we even could imagine. Don’t be scared of the choosing the right or the wrong way because both could be right. For a time anyway.

That difficult way might be needed to grow us, to make us stronger, to open our eyes, to help us find our purpose or this meaning of life.

But do make sure to find all the beauty that was with you along its way because that is what was most important. It’s about finding your rainbow in the storm.

Even if you learned something by taking the path of difficulty or what we call the wrong path, the outcome is worth it. There are these moments we choose and they are wonderful, magnificent, they bring you laughter filled tears of joy but they can also bring sorrow, pain and hurt and tears of suffering.

All for the preparing of you turning into that beautiful butterfly!

Choose a moment and don’t be sorry. Breathe it all in and appreciate these moments for all they are worth. You will be thankful you did.

Don’t be afraid to live and make mistakes along the way. It is all for the greater good of you.

#choosethismoment  # choosetoday #live3f

~Be the Light~



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