I love to have travel on my mind


It’s my passion to see new and exciting things/cultures/people/places and to share with others the unlimited possibilities we have surrounding us.

Be it in our home town or when we travel to other places away from home. There is so much beauty to see.

For far too long I have sat around wishing I could do things I wanted to do and now I am making it happen.

Life is an adventure to be lived not dreamed of.

I no longer want to sit around wishing I was seeing it but I want to actually live, see and share it and to make a change in my life, in my kids life and in others lives.

Living our life with purpose, with passion and with love!

God created this great big beautiful world and I believe we are suppose to see it, taste it, feel it and then share it with others!

With life choices I have made a long the way I am ready to make a living…!

#choosetoday #choosethismoment #live3f

Be the Light



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