25 Random things about me

Here is an insight to Random Things about me. I wrote this 6 years ago and it still relates to me as who I am.

25 Random things about me!!!!

25 Random things about me!!

1. My Full name is Heather Ruth  Linden
2. I was born June 26
3. I come from a family of 6- I am the oldest girl and have three awesome brothers and two wonderful parents.
4. I got married to steve  when I was 19 yrs old and we started our family 7 months later
5. I have three beautiful children- hunter, chase and mckenzie
6. I think I shocked everyone when I dated and then married steve or maybe everyone was shocked he dated and married me 🙂
7. I really enjoy time to myself and when its quiet
8. Steve says I am his big geek~ but I love being a geek it is fun!
9. God and my family are most important to me and my faith is growing day by day and year by year
10. Someday I hope to travel the world and help people
11. It takes me a long time to warm up to people but some of my closest friends are the ones that I took time to get to know and I will cherish their friendships forever
12. People have always thought I was a snob because of my shyness and even to this day as I get into my thirties I am not sure people get me I am a bit awkward~ again part of being a geek 🙂
13. I am so thankful I married a strong willed stubborn man because he has brought the best out of me and let me realize how strong I really am
14.Even though I thought being married was going to be a princess fairly tale and it has been far from that, I love being married and taking care of a family~ I was called to be a mother and a wife
15. My kids are my treasures
16. I love music and dancing ( i wish I would have stuck to dancing)
17. A good book and a great cup of coffee is considered a great time to me
18. I love my me time and when its perfectly quiet but I also love the sound of my children having fun it makes me smile
19. I met my best friend when I was 8 years old and she is still really close even though we live so far away and don’t get to talk very often
20. I cherish the warmth of the sun but live in a freezing cold state
21. I am glad I turned 30 and thankful for lifes lesson and trials we go through to help us realize its time to grow up.
22. I have never smoked or done drugs and never plan to~ if alcohol is considered in there – than I have had a drink on occasions but I don’t prefer it.
23. Being the first born I have always considered myself part mom and like to boss my brothers around :).
24. I am learning contentment from some of our life lessons these last few years
25. Finding 25 random things about me was really hard