Are you looking for ways to help your budget?

I really dislike budgeting and I dislike keeping track of every little thing. It gets exhausting and sometimes the road to financial freedom seems overwhelming. But what I dislike even more is not knowing why there’s never any money left.

I remember thinking why do we never have any money for fun things or for being able to buy stuff. We made a good living but yet we were always broke. We were definitely the slave to the lender.

Over the years we have gotten better at it. Deleting debt and actually having a savings and an emergency fund. Dave Ramsey actually was a big help in this area. We took his first class about 8 years ago. We are not perfect at it but I love trying to keep my budget under and finding new ways to save money. Life is expensive but I know that I hate debt and don’t want anything to do with it. Buckling down and figuring out where your money is going and finding ways to save  is very freeing. When we get in to a rut we have to take a step back and work at it again and again. Its a work in progress but its worth it.

Here is a good article I found when looking at budgeting a shopping list. Groceries always seem to be my worst enemy. Some months I do good, others not so much. Feeding a family of 5 and having  2 teenagers makes it seems like we never have any food.

If you are looking for ways to save and to budget I have found some good articles on line. I truly recommend doing the Dave Ramsey classes also. You can check him out here.

I also signed up for his recommended free budgeting tool. You sign up online and you can download the app to your phone to keep track of your budget. I usually just use a notepad to do my budget but I like how I can keep track on line and it tells me exactly where my money is going. Check it out you might like it too.

Here’s to Living like no other so we can live Like NO OTHER!

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