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I’m wide awake

I’m laying in bed with a million and one of random thoughts running through my head.

I am wide awake.

I write that and all I can think of is Katy Perry’s song and her voice singing “I’m wide awake”

yes  these are the randomness thoughts in my head tonight.

Now you want to go listen to that song on youtube. I know, you are welcome.

I decided I would post a random post tonight because I have nothing to say but yet I have so much to say. I went to go journal the ramblings so hopefully they will make a good blog post soon or maybe multiple blog posts. Who knows.

But off I go to decide to try and sleep and think of song lyrics besides I am wide awake.

What do you do on nights you can’t go to sleep and a million thoughts are running through your head?

~Live Loud , Run Wild, Be Free~

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