Spring cleaning my organized chaos

Life is in organized chaos being a work from home/stay at home/homeschool/public school mom. I wear many hats. As I finish one thing it seems that I move on to the next without ever really getting a break. I am on this revolving door, never quite accomplishing what I need to or want to.

I have made it a commitment to set some goals. I love to make lists just so I can cross things off. The problem is that I can have multiple lists all over the house, as many as 4-6 at a time, just to make sure I don’t forget anything. My brain can only hold so much. Even though I am working on not having so many lists because that in itself is chaotic, I have found that when I write out my goals and cross them off, it lets me know that I have accomplished more than I think.

My biggest goal right now is spring cleaning.I am tired of clutter. I want to get rid of some things and it always is so freeing to get rid of clutter that has piled up over the winter. Even though winter has not quite let its grip off of us here in Alaska the sun is shining and its time to clean up a bit.

I remember the day where I could have things stay so neat and tidy but after three kids I have to feel content when I get the dishes done and a load of laundry washed and that is all that happens. I still have some of my clean freak in me but I know I have chilled out a lot over the years. I really would love to have a neat, organized house and that everything is all sparkly and pretty but in all reality that can’t happen when you live in it unless we all just didn’t move or use anything. It really is not possible.  So with that being said I will feel happy just to get 1-2 things done for my spring cleaning. Everything will be ok. I will survive with  crumbs on the floor, the cat hair left on the blankets (somehow my kids got the cat to be an inside cat) and the finger smudges on my windows. My kids will know that I valued them more than a sparkly clean house. But getting rid of a few things always helps

How do you organize your chaos?