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Do you love something about yourself?

For longer than I  would like to say I have been hard on myself. I would look in the mirror and be unkind to me. I filled myself with things I would never say to anyone else but to me. That is not acceptable. I choose to love me and you know what? the more I love myself the happier I become!
One thing I truly love about myself-

My favorite part of me is my eyes. I love how they are sparkly blue and how the corners scrunch up when I smile. They remind me of the softness I love about my dad. I will not take my eyes for granted any longer. They hold love for my family and friends. They help me see in the light and in the dark! My eyes are unique to me and I love them.


Remember it is important to take of yourself. Love your temple. Be kind to you.

I  have a challenge. Pick something every day that you like/love about you and post it up where you can see it. Look in the mirror and tell yourself how awesome you are and all the amazing things you can do.

God made you special in every way. Know you are beautiful inside and out. Look in that mirror Smile at you and say “I am beautifully made.”  It helps to be happy in who we are. We are beautiful in all shapes, sizes, colors- it doesn’t matter.


What is one thing you can choose to love about yourself?