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Shine with happiness


Are you living with purpose? Do you know why you wake up every morning? Are you thankful for every breath you take?

I have not always known my purpose or maybe I knew it but I did not know how to live it. I have not always wanted to wake up in the morning. The day was too hard. I was too sad and I did not cherish every moment. I was too miserable. I felt I was being humble by not letting myself enjoy life too much. What a miserable existence. Why would I think that was how I was suppose to live? I thought that I can’t be too happy or someone will be upset because their is sadness in life and we can’t ever really find true happiness.

I was wrong. There is beauty in all things. Even when something is dull if you shine it enough it will sparkle and find life again. My kids have shown me everyday that there is a reason to be alive. I opened my eyes and realized all this God given beautiful life surrounding me and I was just wasting it away. I let darkness reside too long but no more, the light shines in now.

Even amongst sadness we are allowed to feel happiness. It is ok to feel and everything is alright. Its perfectly fine to find joy and be happy with your life. Its  ok to be sad too but don’t let it steal your life away. Be sad and then be happy again. Smile even in your tears.

If this is you telling yourself the same thing, I say right now get out of that darkness. This life is so short. We never know what tomorrow will bring let alone today. Choose this moment to live your life. Let your light shine! Don’t ever let it burn out! We were made to live. We were made to shine. We were made to have a light and help others. We were made to Love unconditionally. That is our purpose and whatever way we choose to do that and show it, is perfect and special and your own!

Choose to Love and to Dream BIG! Choose today to shine!