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Are you writing down your vision?


Lately I have this push in my soul for something more. I feel it often but then shove it aside and ignore it. Well it seems to be really getting to me lately. I have let myself go and just get into everyday life that seems to not be ready for change and I get in a big rut.

My husband and I took a Dream Journey class back in March. If you have never checked out Dream Culture you really should. It has a lot of steps on how to get where you want to be and do things you have always wanted to do but maybe you lost site because, well, life seems to do that to us.

I haven’t exactly applied everything I learned but I know I want to. So I decided I was going to set goals and put my vision down instead of just wishing I could do something about it and I am really doing something about it. The problem with dreaming is we don’t always follow through so it just ends up being a waste but if you actually put your goals and vision down on a piece of a paper they can become truth and alive and you want to pursue them. When you are ready to accomplish that you can get amazing results. Other times we have goals or dreams we though we wanted but they change as we get older or life changes and that is ok too. Its good to dream off old dreams or change your mind sometimes.

I have decided I will write out one goal to get done each day, even if its a small victory. Such as, I will choose to get up 10 minutes earlier tomorrow or I will make an effort to not dress in just sweatshirts and jeans everyday or maybe I will watch the foods I put in my mouth so I can be healthier. I will not waste my work hours by checking facebook or twitter. It can be a big or little goal just as long as we have something to keep us motivated and going each and every day and not burn out on life.

By midnight on New year this year, I made a goal that I would have over 100 dreams written down. They had to be things I want to do, I need to do and crazy things that I don’t believe I could possibly do such as go skydiving. I ended up with 110 by 2pm on New Years Eve and I can keep going. Next I am picking my top 10 I want to see done in the next 2 months.

It feels good to write it down and accomplish. Last year when we took that dream class,  I had  wrote a few things down I wanted done and when I go back to my list from the class, I realized I had already accomplished 4 things on my list last year. That may not seem like a lot but its about the small victories. We have to look at the smaller picture and not make it so big or it gets overwhelming and we give up.

If you have not done so, I challenge everyone to write down a dream and make it a vision and a goal! What will you accomplish for your success and your dreams this year?


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