Not giving up

Today I had a tough day. I use to want to just give up on a bad day. I want to Go hide in a corner and hide because I hate sadness and I hate struggles and conflict. I wish life could just be happy always but thats not the way it works. For every period of pure joy and happiness you will have some moments of trials and tribulations. The difference from before how I dealt with sadness to how I deal with it now is so different. I don’t give up I keep on keeping on. Even if I don’t really want to but I know if I don’t then what’s this life for. Every situation good or bad is for some kind of reason. Someday I will look back on this day and laugh because it was silly and it wont matter that a situation happened and I may even say I am glad that happened because it made me even stronger.

 I am not giving  up today when the going gets tough. I am choosing  to keep my love on, to keep on loving others even when it hurts, even when you wish you could give up on friendships and giving up on being vulnerable and letting your walls down. Human compassion is something I take to heart. I am compassionate and I am vulnerable and I am easily heartbroken. If I am not vulnerable I am not living. I am one who puts my heart out there and wears it on my sleeve when I love someone deeply. To love a human being is tough though because we all are so different and come from so many situations and backgrounds that we all can’t agree with each other. So in living life, we have to learn to find the flow even among the differences of another. Friendships come and they go and God puts people in our life for a season and sometimes He takes them away when its time to move on or maybe that friendship was not healthy and you just needed it for a certain lesson or that certain person needed you for a certain time. In this way I give up and say goodbye to that moment and I cherish it because it was at one time what I needed.  

When my heart breaks I fall to my knees and give it to God. Maybe one day that person that goes away  will come back into my life or they will just be a fond memory and I can say it is good because at one time that person was good for me. I am choosing to not let today ruin my cherished time away that our family had for the last two weeks. Today is a lesson that I needed somewhere in my life and its a lesson to become stronger and to keep putting my faith in God because I know He is watching out for me. 

Matthew 6:34 So then, Do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Today has enough trouble of its own.

God knows there are many troubles but I put my trust in him and and He brings me to peace amongst my sadness. I stomp on the darkness that tries to overcome and it has no power over me!

Jeremiah 29:11 For I know the plans I have for you, plans for good not for evil


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