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Sometimes our dreams are not the same

IMG_5367These are thoughts on how I help my husband in his dreams and still find time to make sure I follow my dreams…

1.First off give all  anger, frustration, sadness or whatever emotions you struggle with to God. when you feel like you aren’t doing what you want in life it gets very tough and I can be hard on myself and get very down. Talking to God, studying my bible, talking to someone, helps tremendously.

2. Be up front with your husband. He deserves to know your true thoughts and desires of your hearts. He will be understanding and respectful that you are helping him in his dream but that you plan on doing your own in the future.
I was very upfront in the beginning that this is not exactly my dream. He forgets sometimes but in discussion we can bring it up and he knows.
3. Find someone you can talk to or vent to and if not, journaling helps. I write a frustration down or an emotion and I’ll study the meaning and search in the bible for verses to help with it. I can look back and either laugh and think I was being silly or I can see if I’m still feeling that. Just writing anything and everything helps me a lot.
4. Write your dreams down. If its not the right time for them you don’t want to forget it.

I have come to realization that even though I don’t think I’m following  my dreams I actually am and I’m in the process of more to come. Gods preparing me and my heart.
Right now my dream is to help my husband and to have a powerful relationship with him and growing together in God. By helping him in his business we are learning to communicate better and just have faith and trust God.
Another dream has been to raise my kids and not work outside the home. By helping in this business I can have the things I want even though it isn’t always easy but we both have goals so we decided we had to write them down and we compared each others to see how it all fit.


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