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I loved you at your darkest

To love unconditionally, even when someone makes mistakes, can be a difficult decision. We ask ourselves, that person hurt me why should I forgive them?  Or its their problem they are making bad choices. I know I have felt this way. I even feel it about me sometimes. I can, at some points, feel unworthy of love. But I can say God chooses to love us even when we are at our darkest. He loves us no matter what.

I have learned as being a parent for the last 14 years that the same goes for us.  We still love our kids even in the darkest times. They make mistakes or bad choices but we choose to love them and pray they choose the right path. Sometimes they do make good choices and sometimes they don’t. The best we can do is to let them know we are a safe place and we are here for them. I love my kids on purpose.  I give them a safe home and safe boundaries. I believe that God does this same thing for us.

But I ask myself  Why cant I give myself the same respect? This is something I am choosing to work on. God loves me at my darkest just as I love my kids at their darkest. I will choose to love me warts and all.

These are things to ponder as we go through tough situations or difficult points in our life. Remember He is always there and He has created a safe place for us. Reading Romans has reminded me of this “But God demonstrates his own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us.” Romans 5:8

…..Choose to love at your darkest….


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