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I choose to have an Adventure


I am choosing to have my life become an adventure.  My oldest boy and I just got back from an amazing trip to Central America. We went to Belize and explored the beautiful country and met the beautiful people. We went with a school tour group and we were busy everyday of the trip but loved every minute of it. We saw so much and had fun meeting new people, trying new food, and doing new things.  I must say if you have not traveled to another country you really must do so.  Life is so short and I have come to the realization that we need to see this most fantastic, delicious world that most of us have not seen. I have been one who says I am too broke to travel or no time or I come up with some excuse but this time I made a decision that I would go when this opportunity arose and I am so glad that I did.  I had to just slowly set money aside and choose to save no matter what. I gave up some extras that I shouldn’t spend on anyways and voila I had an experience that will never be forgotten. I also got to experience something life changing with my son.

I need to travel. I love to travel. It makes my mind and my heart clear. To just completely relax with no worries in sight can give you a new perspective on life and change what your focus should be when you get home to real life. When I see other parts of the world I see how others live and learn to see what God really intended us to do. I think when you get complacent in life and feel like is this all there is, you can not really live.  Traveling sets me free. It is a dream of mine to do new things and to meet new people. I just want to explore before I am no longer able to.

Now maybe you can’t travel or don’t want to but do choose an adventure of some sort. Be it near your home or in your backyard or traveling thousands of miles, I promise it will change your life and it will change how you really want to live. Its about our focus and how we see ourselves that really makes us who we are. By traveling and seeing the world my eyes are opened and my heart is becoming happy. I CHOOSE adventure!!!


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