I choose to love me for me

Hey you, yeah you, you are beautiful!

I am choosing today to love me for me! For all that I am, for all that I can be, for what God made me to be.
Self worth is a tough choice. It’s very easy for me to pick apart everything that is or could be wrong with me. It actually makes me feel like I’m being humble because I’m not being so proud of myself or too conceited. Because that of course could be just oh so wrong, you know.
But what I have come to realize is that’s not what we are meant to do to ourself. It is actually harmful to us to be so hard on ourselves. Healing starts with how much we love and how we treat ourself. I am a much better person when I help myself and love myself first. But it sure can be difficult and I feel so selfish. To do this though, to put yourself first, helps you be a better mom, wife, friend and just a better person in general. What I mean by helping yourself is to allow some you time. Even if its 20 minutes. Just to get a breath, a mind cleansing, a quick chat with God. It’s absolutely ok to do it.

This past week I had a really bad infection in my body. It had me down and not myself for about 7 days. About day 4 of the infection and just 2 days after I started the antibiotic I got a bad cold. So my white blood cells were working double time. I had to really rely on my husband and kids to not need me so much and to rest when I needed to because I was worn down. In this last week I realized how much I take my health for granted. Overall I’m a pretty healthy person, I could probably lose a few pounds but I feel healthy. I hurt so much and had certain parts of my body not doing what they were supposed to that I cried out and never wanted to hurt so bad. I thought to myself, I need to stop whining and complaining. I need to thank my body for working and healing and doing what it is suppose to do. And also that I need to start loving me for me. God gave me this body it’s my turn to start cherishing it for what it is. This body gave birth to three beautiful kids. This body gets up every morning and functions even on days when I don’t want to. So starting today I choose to love it. I love me. I love every stretch mark, every roll, every part that is on me and its time to show it.

Does anyone struggle with your self worth?
It’s all about perspective and choice.
What will you choose to do today?


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