Is it really almost Christmas?


I am shocked its almost Christmas and the New year! Time has been flying by and I didn’t even realize it. Life has kept us so busy and I can’t keep track. This time of year is crammed, its my middle boys birthday, then my dads, then thanksgiving , my husbands birthday, then Christmas and New Years. On top of that I’m finishing up 2nd quarter of homeschool, closing our business year end books, housework, keeping on top of health and celiac and diabetes and trying to remember to enjoy down time. We have my Brother and his family coming to visit for the holidays and after that we are headed off to a beginning of the year vacation in Arizona. I really need some warmup on my bones too . It’s been down right cold here and seems to be a nonstop wind storm going on. I hate to say it but I really want some snow to fall. I am glad to have a nice warm house.
My daughter who takes a lot of time and energy went to stay at grandmas this weekend so I have a day to not really do much but take care of my boys who are older and don’t need me every 10 seconds. I decided its a good day of drinking coffee and just reading and writing. Since my weeks have been so busy with all the blooblah (made up word -yes) i need a good day off. For some reason i have a bit of guilt when doing this. I was a little ho hum again starting for Christmas. It really use to be my favorite holiday. Now it’s a struggle. I am tired of all the commercialism and so I search for the real meaning. To me its enjoying my family and not rushing around every second of every day. We start to enjoy the little moments without filling it with dead, unneeded things to do. My kids were so excited to decorate so last weekend we decorated , blasted Christmas music and played games. It was a nice weekend. I am glad now we put up some lights because its so dark and cold this time of year it actually helps to see the pretty lights. Did I say I was actually wishing for snow? I hope we have a white Christmas this year. This wind blows!
Today I’m just reflecting and enjoying. It’s really good to do once in awhile. And remembering this time of year what’s the most important to you. I found it. Have you? Anyone else search for what it’s all about? It’s kind of like Cindy Lou who on the Grinch 😉 Its not really all about the presents but instead in my learning its all about His Presence. It’s a year of reflecting, healing, loving and giving to others.


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