My husband has always wanted to be a farmer. When we started dating in school he was a butcher and made sausages and meats. So its been one of his dreams to raise animals. I on the other hand Am not really into farming. I think it’s tiring, lots of work and stinky but I do like to know where my food comes from. So we have some land and we decided fresh eggs would be good since we eat a lot of eggs and we watched food inc. He built this big coop we call coop majal and we have been enjoying fresh eggs. Sometimes we have eggs coming out of our eyeballs so I sell them to friends. we also raised two turkeys, one survived and we had a yummy thanksgiving dinner that year.
Last year we had a fox come and destroy half our chicken population. It was A bummer. We never did get the fox either. 10 chickens was a lot easier than 20 though.

This year my husband decided to try Cornish crosses, more egg layers, more turkeys and some pigs to our farm. The chickens can get out of their pens and roam free. The egg layers love their freedom. But as we know freedom comes with a price.

The other morning we woke up to feathers everywhere and just some bones left behind. Something ate some of our Cornish crosses and egg layers. Then I woke up this morning to a bunch of bird commotion and there it was, the fox staring right at me. It was a feisty little thing and I couldn’t get it out of our yard. It had a bird in its mouth and ran back and forth between front and back yard trying to get more chickens. It wasn’t even scared of me. So now I’m prepared, I have my 22 ready to get it off my yard and the birds are put back away in their pens. I hope we don’t lose anymore chickens. Especially our meat birds. They are ready for slaughter in a few days and these things are expensive to raise.
So after all I have become a farmer maybe not a good one but at least I try.




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