Yard sales

So we are doing our yearly yard sale. I do it every year with my dad even though I’m not sure I really want to. I sit here all day to make a few bucks. We sell our junk and people come look at it and some people buy it. if you think about it it’s kind of weird right? One mans junk is another mans treasure.

It happens to be a beautiful day here in Alaska. So I get to soak up the rays and I have made about $1 so far. I am selling cheap but hope I make more than $1. If we don’t sell our stuff we end up taking it to donate and some to the dump. Because realistically some should be at the dump already but we pretend like its worth trying to sell 😉 hey we might make some much needed money.
For some reason my dad always makes the money at these things and then turns around and heads to another garage sale to buy something else. I’m guessing for next years sale?

We shall see how it goes. No matter how much I hate this I will probably always do it cause we laugh at the junk and my brothers and I have a good time making fun of the stuff my dad can sell. And I think I like to torture myself. At least it’s a beautiful day out. Looking at the bright side.
Any one else like garage sales or in our terms junk sales?



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