Peru land of the incas

Today finally came. The trip we have been planning since August for my oldest boy to go with his school to Peru . It’s bittersweet. I’m so excited for him to see the world but yet scared to death. I wanted to go but financially I was unable. I’m putting him in Gods hands and the hands of some teachers/ parents I trust completely.
He will be gone for 11 days. It will be 11 hard days but I know this trip will be an opportunity that might never come again and that’s why we let him go. Even after he got sick with his T1D and he thought it would make it so he couldn’t go I told him we would find a way. I am so thankful for all the family and friends who helped support him so he could take this trip.
I was completely calm tonight as I kissed my boy and said “be good and have a blast!”
Now I can not wait to see all he learned and the pictures and excitement he had from a great opportunity. Life is short so we have to snatch these up when we can.

If you are looking for great travel opportunities through school groups check out EF tours.
That’s who our school chose to take trip with and it looks absolutely awesome, all that he gets to do.
Peru:land of the incas



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