Riding bikes

My daughter learned to ride her bike without training wheels yesterday. She was so excited. Her big brothers put on her helmet and started helping her. See we tried last summer but she was just still too scared and we were gone back in our home town for most of summer which prevented her from a lot of practice. Then the winter set in and the bikes have been up for the past 7 months so now they are out, she’s ready to ride. It was pure joy all over her face showing me how she could ride without the wheels. I felt that happy mama joy inside and thought this is why I’m alive.sometimes I wonder what’s my purpose. yesterday it was answered. If I can’t take theses cool experiences even the little ones like my 5 year old so excited about no training wheels, life doesn’t mean a thing. Now it’s off to the daily routine of ” look mama I can ride my bike” till next winter.


One thought on “Riding bikes

  1. Aww this is truly sweet. One of my frustrations is that I never learned to ride a bike and until now it’s in the list of the things I must do before I grow old. It’s always a joy seeing proud moms. Way to go dear! Congrats to your daughter too!


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