I think I’m sorta crafty!

I’m not sure where this last week went but we have been busy! Back to trying to keep up in blogging world. I have decided that I think I’m sort of crafty well kind of but not really, I have to get ideas from other people and pinterest but at least Im sort of capable of following directions. In the last few years I have made some cheesy curtains for the kids windows and our bathroom. They were simple straight across sewing. And now i have made 2 blankets and recently some chore sticks. that’s about as crafty as I’ve gotten besides doing some vinyl that I have the person (stickwithmevinyls) i know design and cut it out and all I do is place it on the boards or walls but I still feel crafty 😉
Here’s examples of my awesome(sarcasm inserted) curtains I made. As you can see one is a little longer than the other on my daughters curtains but she didn’t seem to care. It was just cool mom could sew. But now they seem to think i am some super sewer when all I am just some mom trying to act like I know what I am doing 🙂

My mother in law is a quilter and I love the blankets she makes for my kids. So when I was pregnant with my daughter I told her i wanted to make a blanket. It felt special to tell my daughter someday that I had made a blanket. She had given me an old sewing machine one time when I was visiting so I used that and she mailed me up some cute blocks of fabric she cut and away I went putting the pieces together and sewed my first blanket. It didn’t turn out too bad either for a beginner.



Then my m-I-l was up visiting a few weeks ago and I decided I wanted to make another blanket, after all this time, for my daughters birthday. She took me to the quilt store and we picked out this great soft fabric called cuddle fabric. I knew mckenzie would Love it!!! We got started and my old sewing machine wouldn’t do the trick without a walking foot so one day in town we grabbed a nice Bernina because she is planning to be up here a lot more in the next year and she loves to sew and I love it, if I could find more time, so we had a new toy to work with the tough fabric. So the adventure of a cuddle blanket began. There was a bit of frustration and quite a few seam rippings but all in all it was fun. It took longer than we planned but it turned out pretty cute for my rookie sewing expertise and her first time using the fabric I chose. Of course my daughters birthday is not till June and it’s April and I couldn’t wait so I gave it to her early, she of course LOVES it like I thought and sleeps with it every night.
I hope to get better at sewing but Im still a proud mama.



Here are some vinyl I’ve done too at what are called make n takes and stuff I ordered for the kids rooms




Now from pinterest there are lots of cool ideas I just haven’t had the time to do them or money to buy stuff. I have cooked a few meals and treats off there yum yum! I decided to make the chore stick idea I saw on there. They are really working and the kids love it so I don’t have to listen to arguing of who did what yesterday blah blah blah. Each kid picked a color. I painted end of stick to match their name and then the other end has the chore to do and I wrote the day of week on stick they need to do that certain chore. It’s working like a charm! Again I’m feeling pretty crafty 😉


I guess the moral to this story is anyone can do crafts if they put their mind to it even a simpleton like me.  It all boils down to how much time and money are we willing to make for these things. sometimes I’d rather  go buy it at the store but it’s also fun to try new things. I hope I get better at it but for now I’ll be proud of these little things!


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