Schools almost out for summa!!!!

30 days until the kids get out of school here in good ol alaska!! They may start in August but boy do I love the fact the kids get out in May!!! Our summers usually start in may and by August it’s pretty rainy so that makes it ok to go back. The days are getting longer and the sky is completely blue with sun shining , except for the snow still on the ground it’s great. Every day after school the kids run down to our creek and go iceberging as they call it. As the ice breaks up there are huge chunks breaking apart and they ride the ice. It’s pretty fun and the kids stay entertained but the only complaint is that I have lots of muddy , wet clothes and kids coming in with freezing cold hands and feet needing a good warmup in the tub. This is actually a time that I really love where I live. I’m not very excited about the dust everywhere and with the sun shining I can see all my dirty windows I have not cleaned for the past 7 months but the long days of light and the sun make it simply ok!!!
And I get to wake up to this view!



So schools almost out and I will have a 1st grader, a 5th grader and an 8th grader!! They are growing up so fast but I’m loving every step! This summer there is a few trips my oldest gets to do he’s leaving for Peru the beginning of June and then he gets to go to diabetes camp the end of June. The other 2 don’t have a lot of fun things plan but I’ll find things to do and we will soak up outside as much as we can! The thing about being an alaskan is we cherish our short summer and the long sunny days of light! After so many months with cabin fever I’m so ready, now these 30 days better hurry up I can’t wait for the kids to be on summer break!!




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