Alaska – a love / hate relationship!

October 8, 2011 was our 12 year anniversary of when we decided to pack up our few things and our new baby and move to Alaska. We had only been married a year and half just had A baby and decided to make a change and leave where we grew up in Washington. Somedays I’m glad we made that trip others not so much. There are a lot of great things about this state and then some not so other great things. Pros -it’s beautiful here, the mountains, the outdoor activity, the work is abundant, the resources, the land, the long summer days of light, (most of) the people ;)-so much this state can offer you but in the downside the winters are long and the darkness can get to you and when it’s break up its dusty and mucky and my car and kids never stay clean, I’m tired a lot I can get depressed cause the weather is not sunshine like I want, when it is sunny it’s cold or muddy out. The summers are very rainy and there is lots of Mosquitos. We maybe get about 2 weeks of super nice weather the rest of it is pretty cool out. Also its hard to get out of this state, as a family of 5 it’s expensive. And I cant just jump in my car and drive to another state unless I want to drive for a week. By this time of year I’m ready to take a long warm vacation especially this year with all our snow. Today we woke up to more snow and everything is white we have had record snowfall this year. We were getting excited cause it been hitting almost 50 and everything is melting. But then today it’s white as can be.


I know it will melt fast but still it’s April and I’m really tired of winter. But soon summer will be here and we will soak up the weather best we can enjoy some camping, salmon fresh out of the river , bike rides, walks, hikes and the beauty of summer surrounding us with quite a few mosquito bites by the end of August. I told my husband I’ll give him 12 more years and then when kids graduate and move on I want to be a snow bird. Have a warm place to spend September through April and we could come spend the summers in Alaska. It’s probably just a crazy dream but it’s good to have dreams right! Right now I’ll think of good things about living here- the roots we’ve set down, the nice house we have with the mountain scenery behind us – pond and acreage for kids to play, the abundant moose hanging around( which can be a con too), some great lifetime friends we have met and overall a great place for the kids to grow up even if the weather gets old! I’m always looking for a positive out of a negative! And I tell myself if I lived somewhere else there would be something that I hated about there also but I’m probably just thinking that to make myself feel better. I know lots of people who love where they live and lots who love Alaska! For me it’s a love/hate relationship and I’m ok with it – for now!





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