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Trying to enjoy the little things

Life sure can run away from you when you are busy. I’m not sure where all my days go but I never have enough time. I’m trying to keep blogging and lots of ideas going in my head just not enough time to finish or write. I have about three blogs I’ve written but haven’t published yet. Today’s probably will be up after today because I have to stop start stop start and I forget. 😉
I am trying to keep in touch with friends but that hardly happens either, i swear girls I’m not ignoring you;). But it seems right now keeping in touch with my hubby and kids is top of my list. I will think I have a whole week to do things and before I know it friday is here. I would have never thought but a stay at home mom who also kind of works from home makes me super crazy busy. Thoughts on Owning a business, it sure can be rough. Some days I feel like I’m drowning and hoping I can figure out this office book keeping stuff. It sure sounds way easier than it is. Organization is a big key. I’m not quite sure how to organize time, cleaning( I use to be a big clean freak I’m noticing that’s slipping away) volunteering at kids school, paperwork, errands, helping hubby, keeping my head on straight as well as my husbands, keep hunters diabetes schedule and writing down his weekly numbers of high or lows, girl scout leading, healthy and gluten free dinners, food allergies, being a landlord,taxes ahhh the list keeps going!!. Then you add doing my hair and looking decent to go into the public its so much work. i finally got my hair done after almost a year and i have had so many compliments i must have looked really awful before LOL! When my 5 year old daughter says I need to do my hair I’d better start trying to look a little better. So there it is, the waaah waah pity party list ;). I have my good days but when i over think everything I have bad days. Im making lists on my phone notepad and trying to cross off which gives an oh so good feeling. I just cant seem to keep it straight in my head. Mental notes dont work when you dont have a brain cell working any longer. Brain where did you go after three kids. ?? We have even cut back on things. Hmmm crazy how that works. We are still able to be so busy but I guess we added in things when we decided to start a business and hunter got sick. I was planning on going back to work this year I thought I’d be bored now that I had all the kids in school and I felt I needed to contribute with money especially after my hubby broke his foot and we just started our business. Well things changed after hunter was sent to children’s icu and was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. We decided I’d better stay home and I’d focus on learning the business and books( thankfully we have a lady who knows what she’s doing and is teaching me the ropes). In my busy life it’s learning to be thankful for the little things and enjoying a day with down time. But it sure is tough when days just flash by and so much to do. And there will always be a list of to dos.

I enjoy just to BE sometimes. I have about 10 books I’d like to read. Usually at night I start to read but can’t get through anything because im tired and my eyes start to cross then I kick myself cause I’m so tired next day. My daytime just flies by. I was thinking having all the kids at school would give me more time. That doesn’t seem to be the case. Yesterday i spent running around errands and getting things to lead my daughters girl scouts and then its time for hunter to be home then pick up Kenzie, its homework, snacktime, chase gets home, chores,daddy gets home and then dinner and off to girl scouts , back again, cleanup, kids bedtime, then at night we do office work and chat with our bookkeeper once a week who is helping me learn things, next thing i know its midnight and I’m ready to crash. Has any one ever noticed how long it takes to do things when you have a list a mile long and time is restricted? Also i think i live in my car who ever said a stay at mom stays home , I’m not so sure. I had about 6 stops yesterday, but i was thankful a girlfriend texted me and asked to meet for coffee, and got my mind off of my crazy week for awhile and I got about a half hour to meet up and chat with her but our time went too fast. Next thing I know my day with kids at school is over and I only got about 4 things done. But Sometimes last minute texts are nice and i need that in my busy running around.

Tonight dinner is planned homemade pizza. Mmm good friday night meal plan. Popcorn and a movie at home spending time with the family. I like when i have a plan;) This morning is volunteer day I’m hoping i have energy for the 25 wild kindergarteners then I run a few errands eat lunch then head back to school to help in my 4th graders class. I’ll sit down and next thing I know I’m interrupted but I tell myself I will miss these days soak it up because one day the kids won’t want all my attention. I love being here for them I needed to rant a little though. I’m so thankful for the little things in reality. I think being on autopilot can be good also.
Ok that was last night of course i hadnt finished it and I woke up exhausted. The problem with having a business at home is its hard to get away from work. I’m trying to learn and help my husband learn its ok to set a time to stop but usually we get things done better at night wen the kids are in bed so we spend a few hours in the evening exhausting our brains getting items done that then my husbands mind won’t let him sleep. Me I had no problem falling asleep but I’m still tired. I’m trying to figure out how to enjoy the little things when Im so tired. This morning I made a nice breakfast and now just relaxing until I have to run chase to get a last minute present and a friends birthday party. I also have a blanket I would like to finish sewing with my mother in law before she’s leaves back home Tuesday . I’m not sure I will get that done but I’m going to try and enjoy a relaxing day as I hear my husband talking business on the phone- cant ever get away from it. Oh and my daughters calling me to color a Barbie picture with her – off I go!! Enjoy the little things !!!
lil mamas tidbit for the day or past 2 days I should say 😉


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