Food Documentaries are addicting!

I use to never think about what we ate and all of those health gurus were just a bunch of crazies thinking our food was not good for us. I loved me some pizza, frozen fish sticks, a big bag of candy, coca cola- anything junk. And my body craved it.  Well after the last few years dealing with health issues between myself, my husband and my kids I thought something just wasn’t right and what could we change. Its was a no brainer- our diet! But its easier said than done.

You use to hardly never hear of food allergies or the things us younger generations are having to deal with when we were young. I can maybe name one person who couldn’t eat certain foods or suffered from weird rashes etc when I was growing up.  I did not know any kids with type 1 diabetes or had celiac. And now more so than ever there are people and kids suffering with this stuff. My son has a handful of kids at his school with type 1 diabetes and its supposedly rare. I must also add we live in a smaller town.  My other boy who has celiac has a boy in his class that has it as well. I am coming across more and more people who have to stay away from certain foods because their body is rejecting them. Then there are the kids with eczema and hives and food allergies which mine fall into this category. Why? What has changed? Start reading food labels, start reading nutrition books and watching these food documentaries and you will see why! Our food has changed so much in the last thousands of years our body doesn’t know how to handle all these artificial chemicals that are taking over.

So this means I have become one of those crazy health people. We are not perfect we still make the mistake and eat junk on occasion and there are times I allow my kids at school or friends to eat foods I do not allow in my house but we work on it . Its baby steps and the more healthy foods my body gets the more energy I have and the better I feel and the more I want to make changes.  I do kick myself when I am not careful what my kids eat because  they get sick and can just see how miserable they feel. I see it in their skin, their eyes, their attitude, just overall they get worn down. Its tough some days and I get tired of telling parents that my kids can’t eat certain things- so I decided I will pack their food when they have sleepovers and I make special cupcakes and freeze them and send things to school that my kids can have but still feel like they are not missing out and its a little bit of a healthier choice. My kids are wanting to have salads and carrot sticks and fruit smoothies for snacks now. Its amazing how we can be a good example and they want to make changes as well. My husband had a heart attack at 32 ( he is doing well and is now 36) and he has had high blood pressure for quite a few years. How strange to be so young and we feel like this. All three of my kids have something wrong with them why wouldn’t I start looking at nutrition.

Yesterday we watched a food documentary with our kids so they can see why I am turning into a food nazi about what they are putting in their bodies.  If you have netflix or can get online or rent at your local video place- food documentaries are pretty cool. Its getting the word out there. We have been watching many lately-  Fat,sick and nearly dead, king corn, food inc,food matters and the latest one we watched yesterday- it is offered online free for the next 9 days- is Hungry for Change.

Of course there are many opinions to all of this but the main idea is our food has changed and our bodies are not able to handle it so we are getting fatter and sicker.  What changes can we make to help us and our kids? Mine is to make smaller changes that will hopefully help me want to make bigger changes!


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