Follow your dreams and learn to THRIVE instead of just survive!


May 2011 this is when I finally pulled back the reins on my husband and joined in the adventure for him to start his own business. To become his partner through all the good and all the bad that may come with being your own boss. No more weekly paychecks, no more paid holidays, no more full covered medical insurance or retirement! We were on our own! Scary as it seems I was at complete peace I knew it was our time and I was finally ready for the bumpy ride of following his dreams!

Owning an electrical company is not exactly my dreams but it is my husbands and Im here to support him in every way. I have pushed anything I have wanted to do so far back I’m not sure anymore what my dreams are except raising my kids and being a good wife and I’m not too bad at it. So I have been making a list – my bucket list as you’d call it- things I am scared of or really want to do or just things I have loved and forgot about over the years as the children took over. Many years of my life have been just to lay back and settle its now time in my 30’s to make things happen not just let life pass us by.
Since we decided to venture on our own we have had every hurdle possible thrown our way and I don’t think we have ever been this uncertain how we will afford the bills, groceries or put gas in our car but every month we have been blessed and we keep making it. We also have some great friends and family who have come to support us on our dreams and have faith that we will succeed. We have gotten unexpected gifts of love I’m just amazed at how when you think all is gone of humanity true love of a deep friendship comes out and you get to be surprised and learn about true gifts people give expecting nothing in return. Be it in forms of surprise gift cards to help out with gas and groceries or a simple sanity coffee, or unexpected cash, my special gift of “licorice” because a very true friend really cares, it’s just simple acts of love and paying it forward.
So as our summer went along and we were on business beginnings we got our first job which was a decent one but bid tight and there was no amount to cushion if there was to be a fall. In August. Just 2 months after our first official job started steve crushed his foot on a piece of machinery. They told us he would need surgery ( insert panic -new owners of our own company- no medical insurance- no money and steve is only employee) surgery is not a possibility!!! We went and got a second opinion at a great orthopedic dr in anchorage they took another ct scan and said no need for surgery we can cast it for 8 weeks and it will be good. Whisper a sigh of relief and a thank you God!! Whew we missed that major detour so instead twenty thousands of dollars its only thousands that we still can’t afford but at least only 8 weeks off his feet and then back to work. Well in the mean time the big part of this first job is going so we had to hire someone here enters the no budget planned to hire an employee. There are a lot costs I didn’t even know about. things we didn’t really plan on paying cause we are new and Steve was going to do the majority of the work. Life never does go as you plan though does it. If that wasn’t enough in september, our oldest boy hunter got really sick and they diagnosed him with type 1 diabetes. He and I spent a weekend in the ICU while they got him recovered and now we had to learn how to deal with our new “normal” of life. I mean life can really either make you or break you! Have we broken yet?! I can be very unsure somedays.

Before hunter was sick we had started planning him to go to Peru with His school in may. I have always wanted to travel the world and so does hunter and we have dreams to help people. There is so much we don’t know when we stay in our own protective shell. Life is about living and seeing this beauty God gave us. I thought it would be a great opportunity for him. It is expensive but so is paying medical bills what’s new. We had payed the entrance fee and going to meetings with the teachers . But as hunter got sick his first words out of his mouth as he lay in the hospital bed, were now with diabetes I can’t go to Peru. I’m like “oh no you don’t this is not going take us down we are a tough family and we will find a way for you to go” foolish maybe so but so is not following your dreams now that I’ve been through the crap life can throw our way my kids need to see whats really out there. life is too short!
Follow your heart and your dreams because life is too boring if you don’t. Staying in a protective shell does nothing for you and it gets you no where. When things go wrong you know it means you are living because you feel the pain of falling and you got back up again. It’s our time to learn to thrive and not just survive! Now if I could just get that money tree …..


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