Hunter has what?

Thursday September 22,2011 that was Hunters D-Day! Today is exactly 5 months since hunter was sent to children’s icu for DKA. The pediatrician told me he has type 1 diabetes! What!!!! I was thinking other things not diabetes. Insert horrible bad mom guilt feelings, of course that’s why he was so thirsty and had to keep running to the toilet. I kept kicking myself as I watched my poor overly dehydrated sick boy get poked over and over because they couldn’t find his veins because he had lost so many fluids and so much weight. In the short week I noticed him not feeling well that last day when he had started puking up everything and anything I saw him with just his undies on and every bone was sticking out of his body. He’s already a tiny boy but he looked so frail and sickly I felt sick to my stomach I knew something serious was wrong so I had him go weigh him self he was 73 lbs, just last time he had weighed he was 86lbs uggghhhh I called doctor immediately and they got us right in and sent us straight to icu. I’m a pretty calm person on the outside. It’s my head that loves to play games with me. Tells me I a horrible person. I’m a bad mom etc etc. Even though the doctors kept telling me there was nothing I could of done to prevent it, I still think to myself if only I had not eaten crap when I was pregnant with him and gained so much weight if only I knew how to eat healthier when he was a baby if only if only if only!!! They kept asking me if I knew anyone in our family with type 1, I kept saying no I only know we have type 2 and they say no that’s not same thing. Then they ask if he has had chicken pox recently I’m like no I got him all his vaccines cause I’m a good mom like that. After that crazy weekend I remembered when we got home from our Washington trip the boys had hockey camp and all three kids broke out with these weird bumps in their mouth and hands and feet. I looked it up later and saw it could possibly be hand, foot mouth disease, I found out it was going around Alaska but there isn’t much to do but let it run it’s course. I guess it’s from same virus that causes chicken pox. Hunter also had been sick back in march and his winter induced asthma got him sent to ER after a cold hockey tournament in Fairbanks. He had breathing treatments and was given a steroid to open his airways that is another thing that could have triggered it. No one for sure knows. He could of been walking around with this disease and then finally his poor body couldn’t handle it anymore and he stopped producing insulin. Now he is taking daily injections before meals and a then a shot at night of 24 long acting insulin. Somedays I do real good with it and other days I get super angry like why does he have to deal with this lifelong disease. I’m hoping to find a cure for this disease and I’ve still got a lot to learn.


One thought on “Hunter has what?

  1. I feel for you because I’m in a similar boat. If my memory is correct, your son’s diagnosis date is the same as my husband’s. We had a week or so of the same symptoms you describe and if it makes you feel better, we’re both pharmacists and my husband is training to be a doctor. If we couldn’t pick it between us (we did go to a doctor in the week and demanded a glucose test and he refused!), you shouldn’t feel bad. There is nothing you can do to prevent type 1 – it’s a random moment when Hunter’s body has decided to make antibodies against their pancreas’ insulin-producing cells. It may be the virus for your son, it was nothing at all with my husband. We’re having similar struggles to you but luckily for us, we have medical knowledge on our side – I’d love to help you out any way I can; my blog is about the foods we’ve had to change to, but honestly, just ask about anything and I’ll do my best to help.


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